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Products-Grandfathered: Montana MRA

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Montana MRA Group Medical Insurance

90% PPO - 80% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $150 Deductible; $300 Deductible; $500 Deductible; $1000 Deductible
Montana MRA 90/80 Plan (44 KB)

90% PPO - 70% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $150 Deductible (with co-payment); $300 Deductible (with co-payment)
Montana MRA 90/70 Plan
(44 KB)

70% PPO - 50% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $500 Deductible; $1000 Deductible
Montana MRA 70/50 Plan (44 KB)

60% PPO - 45% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $1500 Deductible (with prescription drug benefit); $1500 Deductible (without prescription drug benefit)
Montana MRA 60/45 Plan (48 KB)

High Deductible Health Plan ("HDHP") Endorsement
WMI Mutual Insurance Company currently offers two optional endorsements to the $1,500 deductible plan to create a HDHP that can be used in conjunction with a Health Savings Account ("HSA"). The endorsements result in either a $1,500 deductible HDHP
or a $2,500 HDHP. To learn more about these HDHP endorsements and HSA
options, please contact the WMI Marketing Department.
Montana MRA Group Dental Insurance

Montana MRA group dental plan

Montana MRA Group Vision Insurance

Montana MRA group vision plan

Montana MRA Group Short-Term Disability Insurance

Montana MRA group short-term disability insurance

Montana MRA Group Life Insurance

Montana MRA voluntary group life plan

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