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Montana MRA Group Medical Insurance

70% PPO - 50% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $500 Deductible; $1000 Deductible, $2500 Deductible
Montana MRA 70/50 Plan(29 KB)
Montana MRA 70/50 Plan $2500 Endorsement (29 KB)

60% PPO - 45% Non-PPO plans
Available Options: $1500 Deductible (with prescription drug benefit); $1500 Deductible (without prescription drug benefit)
Montana MRA 60/45 Plan(29 KB)

High Deductible Health Plan ("HDHP") Endorsement
WMI Mutual Insurance Company currently offers two optional endorsements to the $1,500 deductible plan to create a HDHP that can be used in conjunction with a Health Savings Account ("HSA"). The endorsements result in either a $1,500 deductible HDHP
or a $2,500 HDHP. To learn more about these HDHP endorsements and HSA
options, please contact the WMI Marketing Department.
Montana MRA 1500 60-45 HDHP Plan (29 KB)
Montana MRA 2500 60-45 HDHP Plan (29 KB)
Montana MRA 3000 60-45 HDHP Plan (29 KB)
Montana MRA Group Dental Insurance

Montana MRA group dental plan

Montana MRA Group Vision Insurance

Montana MRA group vision plan

Montana MRA Group Short-Term Disability Insurance

Montana MRA group short-term disability insurance

Montana MRA Group Life Insurance

Montana MRA voluntary group life plan

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